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Who We Are & What We Do 

Lule Glow, formerly known as HP Naturals, originated in late 2018 as an All Natural/Organic Skincare brand. Initially, as HP Naturals, we began our journey, establishing credibility and a modest customer base. With a desire to expand our reach, we underwent a transformation in 2021, rebranding ourselves as Lule Glow.

The inception of Lule Glow was spurred by the realization that many everyday products contained potentially harmful ingredients. Fueled by the challenge of finding affordable natural/organic skincare without synthetic or natural identical ingredients, we embarked on a quest for solutions. While we encountered impressive products during our exploration, affordability remained a challenge, prompting us to question the accessibility of natural ingredients and the impact of certifications on pricing.

This prompted us to reconsider conventional practices and appreciate the simplicity and efficacy of our ancestors' use of nature's gifts directly from the soil. In response to the growing disconnect from nature's provisions in favor of synthetic substances, "Lule Glow" advocates for a return to natural skincare. We stress the importance of questioning product choices and actively transitioning to natural alternatives.

Our mission is deeply rooted in the belief that prevention is superior to cure, urging individuals to embrace natural skincare before experiencing adverse effects. "Lule Glow" envisions a world where organic/natural ingredients are not only as appealing as synthetic ones but also affordable, promoting a lifestyle aligned with nature through sustainable and accessible all-natural/organic skincare products. With this vision, we meticulously crafted each product through rigorous research to offer our customers the best in skincare.

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